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(Nas & Green Lantern) The Nigger Tape

Well, since his upcoming album is now Untitled, Nas keeps the shock value high by teaming up with DJ Green Lantern for The Nigger Tape (An early favourite for the 2008 Criminal Slang Award for Mixtape Title Most Likely to Get Your Grill Smashed for Saying in Public.) After a 65 minute verbal onslaught, Richard […]

Criminal Slang

What was once a demo tape cut called, ‘Nas Will Prevail’, It Ain’t Hard to Tell was forever engrained into the collective memory of Hip-hop when it was featured on Nas’ debut album Illmatic. Years later (’98) the vox sample, “Criminal Slang”, was featured as the subtitle & the hook of Big L’s Ebonics. which gained heavy rotation and posthumous recognition for the late Harlem rapper.