The Origins of Criminal Slang

Q. Why Criminal Slang?

A. Cocaine Blunts was already taken.

Q. No seriously, why Criminal Slang?

A. Because early 90’s rap lyrics aren’t quoted nearly enough.

Q. Without sarcasm please, the readers would like to know.

A. – I’d like to think of it as a piece of the Venom symbiote creating the Carnage symbiote. Big L grabbed Nas’ line and expanded it’s gulliness factor thrice over.

Q. How did you get started as a writer?

A. The sixth grade class in my elementary school made the mistake of publishing the work of a second grade visionary. I had a knack for details even at that age.

Q. ‘Pac or Biggie?

A. Aaliyah…there’s just something quite different about a young woman, full of promise, passing on.

Q. Blatant lies?

A. My blog beat up Mike Tyson in ’88.

Criminal Slang lives to fight another day…