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The internets can be a dangerous place! Make sure you’re well equipped out there! By & large these are some of my favorite sites that I’m willing to share…please report broken links to the management.

Rukus Avenue – Slumdog Millionaire wasn’t a fluke…
Store XIII – Where you post up and get fitted on a Tuesday night.
One Two Magazine – Your Favorite Blogger’s Favorite Rapper’s Favorite
Black Gold Kartel – Criminal Slang Co-Conspirators
KIR Radio – Sleeper-hit Sensation
Roach Clip Radio – Long-running down-tempo/trip-hop station
Evil Monito – A must-read
Lions Den – Big Trouble in Little Chinatown
Notes From a Different Kitchen – Fresh Cuts, videos & politricks…
Lesbo-a-Gogo – Your favorite Lesbo’s favorite designer.
Claw $ – …has way more street cred than your punk-ass.
Blouge – & she has a blog.
The Boobs – Brown is still down Baby
Dimepiece – keeps your lady laced…
Ghost Power – Sounds and looks better than photovoltaic…
Buro Destruct – Type Different
Hi Tek FX – Transmitting live on the homepage
DJ Buddy TV – Wed 10PM PST
DJ Buddy Mini-Mixes – Erry Tuesday Mini-mixology
Wave League – A league of extraordinary waveforms
History of Flight – Online Jordan pop-up book!
The Bold Italic – San Francisco
Verdad – A stream of consciousness worth repeat visits.
Please Don’t Stare – DJ Benhameen & The CHAMP! Rock solid vids & tracks…