Mt Madonna Truck’n Music Festival

[click the image to enlarge] If you’re anywhere near the Santa Cruz Mountains this Saturday & have not experienced all that she has to offer, load up and head out to Watsonville for the Mt. Madonna Truck’n Music Festival – featuring the Timmy Mezzy band.  Some members of the band have been down with Criminal […]

Kepping it Real Foo…

When we are all in high school, with our fixed friends, our fixed lives, our feeling of security, we all think we know what is real. Our music, our diets, our ways of life. From this comes our taste and how we perceive our first confrontations with art and culture. From there it’s our friends […]


This is what my fridge looks like lately. OJ, expired eggs, a small tub of wasabi for the sushi I don’t have, and olives. Two kinds of olives- the purple kind with seeds, and the spicy kind without seeds that smell like stains on the carpet, but taste like magic. Today they were lunch and […]

Sincerely, Summer Ann Tran

I drove by this sign off of Fairfax the other day. I wish I hadn’t seen it. Me and my ex just broke up. Eternal Sunshine was our first date over five years ago. I had been keeping busy enough to ignore all that terrible shit that lingers after the relationship is completely over. And […]