Three-Year Sentences

February marks the three-year anniversary of Criminal Slang. Yes, for the past three years we have been arranging sentences for our & your personal amusement. No, none of us (that I am aware of) are going upstate for a bid. Yes, giveaways & the pagentry & spectacularness that is the Criminal Slang Awards is on […]

RiRi Risks Rebuke with Redemption Song for Haiti Relief

Rihanna records a cover of Redemption Song to raise money for Haiti relief efforts. Will she be granted, ‘The Hill Exception’? Only you [x billions] have the power to decide.

There’s Space For Ol Dat I See

While you were out of the office, MIA just grabbed the ’10 by the balls with this joint rolled up in a music video. It’s a fcukin’ Lite Brite meets #1 Headband.

Flying Lotus x Gaslamp Killer

“As we’re approaching this new year, I felt it was time to let go of some things that have been gathering dust. Some old things, and some new things, I tried to pick out tracks that I know yall haven’t heard yet so there should be surprises around every turn…” – Flying Lotus

(Empire) State of Confusion

A handful of people I know & some that I haven’t met in person have a bone to pick with you Los Angeles. They’re tired of hitting the function & having you break out into song every time Empire State of Mind gets a spin from the DJ.

J.Period & Nneka Present The Madness

Download ‘The Madness’ (J.Period & Nneka) here on Criminal Slang.

The Criminal Slang Awards 2009 – Categories

The categories for the 2009 Criminal Slang awards are officially released today. Did you or your favorite meme, twitterer, album, song, promo vid, sex scandal make the cut?


“What struck me most about Nneka’s music is that her story is so present in every song,” says J.Period, “The spirit and struggle of her roots in Africa, a sense of responsibility inherited from Fela, conflict and perspective gained living abroad in Germany. Her music is a contagious combination of genres and styles that just pulled me in right away. Artists who refuse to be confined to one genre are often considered crazy. Artists who follow their conscience are considered crazy. This is that brand of crazy: The Madness (Onye-Ala).”

Sade – Soldier of Love

Sade reunites with producer/collaborator Mike Pela to bring THE MOST DANGEROUS SONG IN THE UNIVERSE! She returns from a long hiatus with Soldier of Love – the title track off her long-awaited studio album…

Thoughts on New York

She’ll leave you with a lighter bank balance. Never cooks, always orders in or dines out. This music monday, Criminal Slang gives it up for a special lady…New York