The Carter Documentary

I longed for a bottle of syrup after watching this Carter Documentary last night. I thought still think about copping some NyQuil & Ginger Ale and calling the combo, ‘The Green Monster’. If I was sure that I could quintuple the readership of Criminal Slang by sippin a little drank and keeping the keyboard and WiFi on […]

Stones Throw Pop-Up Store

Stones Throw & Parra are doing a pop-up store for Rockwell somewhere in LA over the post giving thanks day weekend. Now you just have to find them! It’s kind of like how you used to have to hit map points and call pager numbers to find a party. Imagine if Sony did some sh-t […]

Store 13 Three-Year Anniversary Week

Tepi over at Store 13 has been a good friend of mine since the nineties & I’m happy to report that he has back-to-back three-year anniversary events lined up for Tuesday & Wednesday. Store 13 has really brought the 626 community together – particularly in West Covina. Cop that fitted cap on the homepage with […]

Project Mayhem – ‘Lo Sweatas

I don’t know what the fu-k I was doing in April, but I should have been up on this group Project Mayhem. Then again, we only have 3 days of sweater weather in an East Covina spring – so I’m not entirely surprised. I’m going to fall back for a minute and let the video […]

High Power Moves – Season Finale

Yesterday, High Power Moves was finally unveiled. You’ve been hearing a lot about this project here on Criminal Slang, so you might be wondering why this post is coming the day after the release. I spent most of the afternoon & the train ride home listening to the record, trying to pick out the standout […]

Wale – Attention Deficit #musicmonday

Wale’s album hits stores tomorrow, 11.10.09 – apparently he found it wise to catch some of the HPM buzz & boost his numbers in the 626 by droppin’ the same day as High Power Moves. I ain’t mad at that! For real tho, I’ve been a fan for a bit now & I’m glad that […]

High Power Mixtape

So I got hit with a text last night from the homey DJ JBR05KI talking about him working on a super secret High Power Moves mixtape that he wanted to circulate prior to the HPM release on Tuesday (11.10.09) also asking me if I could lace up some artwork. I agreed & at about 3:30 in […]

ZO! Just Visiting Too

In music today, the prevailing wisdom is, that if recommended by ?estlove, you should probably download it. Particularly if the album (EP if you want to be a snooty about it) is from long-time Foreign Exchange* collaborator ZO! Just Visiting Too is a collection of covers, (foreplay, if you will) building anticipation of his full-length […]

#musicmonday James Pants – Thin Moon

Jeezy Creezy I was having dinner on Friday with a friend & remarked that since Mayer Hawthorne hit the scene, James Pants was nowhere to be found. Now that Mr. Hawthorne has taken his brand of girlfriend-stealing crooning to Pan Europa, we can rejoice (for the time being) that James Pants has been diligently spending […]

Halloween de Los Muertos 2009

You already missed out on these Dia De Los Muertos joints pictured here holmes…but it’s NEVER too late to subscribe to the Mad Decent podcast and cop their Halloween Mix for the ride (train, jet, whip, bike, board) to your functions this weekend. Kaptain Cadillac drops some, ‘spooky-jukey’, megamixology for the oh-niner installment. It really […]