/\/\/\Y/\ M.I.A

/\/\/\Y/\ is the new, SEO unfriendly title of M.I.A’s new album. Is this leet spelling of, “Maya”, enough to catapult l33t into the mainstream. Considering that most punctuation conventions are being stripped via Twitter, /\/\/\Y/\ is either the icing on the cake of a groundbreaking record or the final gimmick in the marketing toolbox.

Frank Nitt & DJ Buddy for Delicious Vinyl

Last fall, the homey DJ Buddy (DJBuddyTV, 5AP, A-List LA) got together with Frank Nitt & dropped the L.O.V.E. 4 the Streets Mixtape (Installment #58 in his popular Mini-Mix series).

Movemeants Deconstructed

I want to address something before I get into this post. Last week was the kickoff of the Cali Famous Tour with Hawdwerk & Jansport J, Treklife, J Bizness, & Gio Basicali. Dae One, Noni Spitz, Poetik Force, The God Sincere were also in the building. Guess how many times Jansport plugged the Movemeants record that came out the very night before?

Criminal Slang Presents: Banned in North Korea

What isn’t banned in North Korea? Ponder that while you listen to the latest compilation from Criminal Slang.

Rob Swift Stays Classic on The Architect

Rob Swift has influenced a generation of DJ’s with an impressive solo career and as a member of the X-Men/X-Ecutioners. His latest solo project, entitled The Architect incorporates elements of classical music in new and exciting ways…

Haze x Stussy: Opening Reception at Known Gallery

What’s LA without bad traffic and hard parking? Furthermore, what’s an evening at a gallery without a stabbing or not navigating a room full of bodies to get a round of Stella? Not my life, that’s for sure.

Bounce That Azz (Design Challenge)

I realized that my diamond encrusted typography game needed a little brushing up. I figured that it would make for an interesting (to me a least) design challenge that I could at least get a post out of. I was really excited to get home and pull out my Wacom and open up Photoshop. I’ve chronicled my adventures below…

Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar (How to Make it in America)

Aloe Blacc’s I Need A Dollar just got selected as the How to Make it in America theme song. That’s a real good look for the Floss Angeles native – and a little ironic, considering that the show takes place in Manhattan…

AB-LOON Presents: Tommorrow

Left-handed, left coast, Hi-Tek FX crew reppin’ DJ AB-LOON offers a glimpse into Tomorrow on his latest, left of center mixtape project. AB-LOON sticks to the script and does it OG style, single track, no tracklist to poach from. Catch AB-LOON on DJ Buddy TV this week at it’s new time slot 9PM PST

Three-Year Sentences – Criminal Slang Anniversary

Three years ago I started a little blog called TM that evolved into what we know as Criminal Slang today. Over the years, my writing & design skills have significantly improved & I have this website & my other influences/supporters to thank for that. It was only natural that I put them front & center on the cover of this project.