RiRi Risks Rebuke with Redemption Song for Haiti Relief

Rihanna records a cover of Redemption Song to raise money for Haiti relief efforts. Will she be granted, ‘The Hill Exception’? Only you [x billions] have the power to decide.

Bob Marley covers/remixes are typically met with disdain/hate. The bulk of this hatred generally originates from, ‘Natty Until Graduation‘, students like Ras Trent & company. Obviously, the notable exception to this commandment is the Fugee’s No Woman No Cry cover – but I guess you could argue that Lauryn kept that one in the family. Case in point, I remember a club remix of Sun is Shining from the late 90’s/0’s that was met with considerable hatred by music purists, and sparked countless MDMA induced 5AM, ‘epiphanies’ for others.

In the case of RiRi, she obviously has ties to the region & in situations like this, I would hope that purists would bite their lips…as this track is clearly going to move people the world over, which hopefully will inspire more giving. An appearance on Oprah should do the trick.

Download the track via RadioBigBoy


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