January 2010

Three-Year Sentences

February marks the three-year anniversary of Criminal Slang. Yes, for the past three years we have been arranging sentences for our & your personal amusement. No, none of us (that I am aware of) are going upstate for a bid. Yes, giveaways & the pagentry & spectacularness that is the Criminal Slang Awards is on […]

Transcendental Fiona Apple

There Will Be Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson hooked his then-girlfriend Fiona Apple up with this music video for Across the Universe. I can only imagine his pre-shooting instructions… “Honey…darling, look at the camera and remain calm no matter what happens, ok?”

RiRi Risks Rebuke with Redemption Song for Haiti Relief

Rihanna records a cover of Redemption Song to raise money for Haiti relief efforts. Will she be granted, ‘The Hill Exception’? Only you [x billions] have the power to decide.

There’s Space For Ol Dat I See

While you were out of the office, MIA just grabbed the ’10 by the balls with this joint rolled up in a music video. It’s a fcukin’ Lite Brite meets #1 Headband.


The first post of 2010 is being written on a friends couch up in the Bay Area. I’m wrapping up a two week working vacation, with a much-needed break from home. Today’s post diverges slightly from the regularly scheduled programming – so if you’re looking for a hot remix of Drake’s Forever – Nosaj Thing got you covered…