The Criminal Slang Awards 2009 – Categories

The categories for the 2009 Criminal Slang awards are officially released today. Did you or your favorite meme, twitterer, album, song, promo vid, sex scandal make the cut?

Holy fcuk-outta-here Batman it’s time for the 2009 Criminal Slang Awards! Not to be outdone by the Webbies, the Peoples Choice or Clio awards – the 2009 Criminal Slang Awards have an awesome award show planned for the turn of the year.

Today, we announce the following categories.

Best use of previously released music from the Stones Throw camp

VJ of the year

DMV Artist of the Year (Not Named Wale)

Best ‘I’m going out & taking the Internets with me’

Streetwear Design Fail of the Year

Hashtag of the Year

626 Record of the Year

Musician most likely to receive your girlfriend’s panties & mobile # while on tour

Best MSFW (maybe safe for work) Mammary-Driven Blog

Carry on Tradition of Excellence in Sport

Best new emcee/producer duo record since Pete Rock/CL, Premier/Guru, Dre/Snoop – which invariably raises the pressure to perform.

Weapon of the Year

“I’m back with a new album bitches, maybe you should take this year off”

Creepiest B&W music video moment

Best sequel record by a female performer

Cockblock of the Year

Maybe I should have used Fedex?

LA Mixtape of the Year

Prepared to do a deluxe double-disc diss album with viral video to get a 16 bar response at least

Pussy that will turn you presto-crazy

Best weed-smoke anthem

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    hahaha i love it


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