July 2009

Cold Chillin’

Cold Chillin’ returns via an official collaboration between Biz Markie, Stones Throw, photographer George DuBose, Soul-Cal and Traffic Entertainment Group. The super influential label put out your favorite rapper’s, favorite rapper’s favorite rap records – including 1988’s Long Live the Kane. Aint No Half Steppin’ around here!

D.King – I’m a Cov Original (Prod by Jansport J)

“We ain’t known for the jerk, we known for the work that we put in the mic – get it right” Once you dip past East LA  headed east (or west down Kellogg Hill) you’re firmly embedded in the #626 – where the Schezuan Chinese resturants will make you cry tears of joy, taco trucks […]

Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta!

The 90’s came back in 2007. Either you forgot or weren’t around for what came after adrogeny, day-glo,  shutter shades and electro…it was muthafuckin’ GANGSTA SHIT! After the markets crashed, crack took down the inner cities, recession hit, droughts took over LA, drive-by shootings were on the regular, tagbangers popped up, bus mobbin’ the RTD hit […]

“When They Put The D On You, You Take It!”

Do I really need to explain why I’m posting this? The new Drake music video directed by Kanye West (ya think?)