June 2009

Blackstreet – No Diggity (Billie Jean Remix)

Some of you are already running for the exits. You can’t believe that I would DARE post a remix of a CLASSIC. Well, Teddy Riley & Co already done did it back then, no diggity, no doubt. This cut is off the original CD maxi-single (‘member those? you member!) from ’96.  As far as covers/remixes […]

(Not) Another Michael Jackson Tribute Post

Better, more knowledgable writers than I, have taken up the task of memorializing Michael Jacksons legacy. I’ve decided instead to simply enjoy the power of music & share some of my current favorites with you. Let’s start off with Wale & his Back to the Feature mixtape featuring 9th Wonder on production duties. I think […]

Fathers Day Tribute

Dad always gets the short end of the stick. Ma Dukes gets breakfast in bed, flowers, spa certificates and gifts. What do you get your pops? A tie? Some tools? Gifts that say, “Get your ass to work and keep the checks coming…” The worst is that, until your ass gets a job, all those […]

WOD New York!

Store 13 is now a part of the Times Square Alliance (at least the sticker is). Bonus points if you know whether you’re looking Uptown or Downtown from the picture’s perspective. Biggups to the homies @ the World of Dance Tour who were in the city this past weekend for sending in this photo. Make […]

Fail Safe: Sugarcraft (You Ain’t Supreme!)

Lately I’ve noticed that Americans are more concerned with f–king the First Family than with the actual statesmanship and governance involved. I guess since ol’ G Dub made it through 8 years without a sex tape leak from his camp, Americans are rubbing one out with the Obamas? Anyway, this one from Sugarcraft, based in […]

Nosaj Thing Record Release Party @ Low End Theory

Small picture, huge beats. Jason Chung aka Nosaj Thing is releasing his debut album Drift on Alpha Pup tonight @ Low End Theory. Dude is real cool, down to earth & like myself is no fan of Kim Chee. Buy his album at Beatport – and do the world a favor…

Patrick Martinez Exhibition Opens June 14th

Fans of art, tacos, beer, energy drinks, live Hip-Hop & strippers* should make it a point to stop by the Store 13 Annual Summer Kickoff BBQ on June 14th (this Sunday). On display will be the work of Patrick Martinez de Pasadena. Dude parlayed a street rep into formal schooling & a professional art career, […]

Wale & Lady Gaga – Chillin’

This Wale/Gaga joint pops up on Power 106 over here in LA. Which is a good look for radio & bad one for T-Pain’s career. On a seperate note, I wonder who would win in the Octogon, Mandy Blank or Lady Gaga? I’m pretty sure they’d both step in ready to, ‘cut a bitch to […]

Wally! Wally! Wally! (*not Wale)

Late nights in junior high often included music videos on Are-Oh-Vee, SNL & this crazy old fucker named Wally George. Far from a pragmatist, Wally had this amazing ability to whip his audience into a frenzy about a studio guest & their lack of morals and then shill for the local Gentlemans club, while keeping […]

Wale – Family Affair

Now that GQ & the Washington Post are firmly swinging from Wale’s nuts, it might be time to put this return to the, “90’s Golden Era of Hip-Hop”, thing to rest already. Truth be told, I agree with many of you out there that a lot of classic records came out between ’93 & ’96 […]