July 2008

Fuck You Eddie!

This dude Heartfood and his presentations make the commute home that much more enjoyable. Fuck You Eddie is a hot contender for the 2008 Criminal Slang Award for Mixtape Title Most Likely to Get Your Grill Smashed for Saying in Public. Fuck You Eddie is pitted against Green Lantern’s The Nigger Tape There was a […]

Ninjasonik Tight Pants Video

In STARK contrast to a previous post about the No Tight Clothes movement, this dude Ninjasonik claps back with, “I’m a tight pants wearing ass nigga!” [youtube=] Will someone bang for full-cut, straight leg, pants & shirts already? Really, what about us regular dudes caught in the middle? Video link from Mr. Pilly Wonk

Shepard Fairey X Obama – Art Auction

How much is a little piece of HOPE worth to you? After a much publicized & documented career spent evaluating the notions of public space and propaganda, & using popular culture icons in a seemingly subversive way, Shepard Fairey ended up creating an powerful & inspiring political image, the now-ubiquitous, “HOPE” poster featuring Barack Obama. […]


  You’ll love it, eight days a week! PB Wolf will be your veejay at 8 venues throughout LA back-to-back times 4 (8). *”888″ is third in a series of yearly events for PB Wolf, following a Heavy Metal DJ set on 6-6-06, and last year’s Gospel-themed 777 based around a 7-day DJ event which […]

Wu-Wear The Garment Renaissance

All this talk about fashion & the state of streetwear got me to ‘member this little jewel – take it for what it is young hype-mongers. [youtube=] Intro: method man Ain’t what you want baby It’s what you need baby Ain’t what you want baby It’s what you neeeeeeeed Verse one: rza Yo diamond crystal […]