March 2008

The Fader – Introducing F2

If the magazine, podcast & website wasn’t enought, the Fader has just spun off a brand-new web-only zine called F2.
Reminiscent of a fighter plane’s name, “In 2008, each issue of F2 will focus on how a different classic genre is being reexamined and reinterpreted.”
The first issue is aptly titled, “The New Disco.” Get yours here [...]

I Wanna Hump (Day Extravaganza)!

The flautas are bomb, the music is USDA choice, the patio view is flavor and the margaritas are DUMB cheap!
1538 W. Sunset BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Certified A’la Carte Sound Providers:
Heartfood Presents
You can put down the myspace surveys and chain letters for one night, right?

Welcome James Pants

Actually, James Pants is the artist behind, Welcome -his debut album for Stones Throw Records. I got my grubby mitts on an advance copy while sippin’ 10 Cane drinks at the In Living the True Gods screening/release party. It comes out in April -so you’ll be hearing more about it as the release date comes [...]