February 2008

Stones Throw 102 DVD

The homey FPG over at One Two Magazine was nice enough to tell you the video lineup for this Friday’s event. Go over there and check it out -there’s some previously unreleased gems lined up. Oh yeah, check for his interview with Q-Tip while you’re at it. not that Q-Tip stupid! or that one either! […]

The Dock of the Bay: SAVAGE!

Dave brings it back home with another installment of The Dock of the Bay… Any nice city that other folks from other nice cities flock to on weekends is usually nestled by a university. The culture just flows on through in these locations so the abundance of coffee drinkers, people watchers, and weirdo’s alike saturate […]

An Analog Dance Dance Revolution

No controller required, batteries not included. Updates to follow…

The Grouch -Artsy

[youtube=”″] You ain’t artsier than me muthafickafickafucka!

Obama/Huckabee '08?

The startling connection between the two candidates became apparent in a group email that I would normally ignore. Notice the ironic, Google AdSense Link [click the thumbnail].

The Dock of the Bay: Worship The Music -NOT The Man

Dave returns with another installment of The Dock of The Bay San Francisco has tried to clean up the SOMA area for years. The way I look at it is you can raise the prices on apartments, start using fancy words like Condo or Flat to sell them to all the college kids in the […]

Rainydayz Remixes Released!

[youtube=””] Thanks to the support of fans worldwide, the powers that be gave the greenlight for Amplive’s Rainydayz Remixes album to be released to the fans -after it was initially thrown into limbo when Amp was hit off with a C&D letter from Radiohead’s publisher. It’s freely available from Amplive’s website [1]

Guilty Simpson -Gettin Bitches

“I ain’t hard to find man, I’m in the D” -Guilty Simpson The son of travelling musicians and protege of the late Jay Dee (Dilla), Guilty Simpson ain’t no Slum Village and the first single off his debut album, Ode to the Ghetto, aptly titled Getting Bitches ain’t Selfish either. Tracklisting 1. THE AMERICAN DREAM […]

New Snoop Dogg -Neva Hafta

The record comes out in March. Remember how Sexual Eruption (Sensual Seduction) blew your mind with the autotuned vocals and low-fi video? Neva Hafta is a straight up left turn from all that -off PCH onto MLK to the fish market. If you know WTF I’m referring to, you definitely deserve this [1]. Neva Hafta […]

Heartfood Presents: Dr Fink's Universal Circus Show

The longest title in the Heartfood Presents series & featuring more x’s than my blackberry (oh dang!) Tracklisting 1. Last Night x A Dj Saved My Life 2. White Horse x Smack That 3. Promiscuius Girl x Whatever Lola Wants 4. Hola Back Girl x Another One Bites The Dust 5. Holiday x Milkshake 6. […]