November 2007

The Dock Of The “Bay” III: Where’s Davis Exactly?

It’s not exactly situated in the Bay Area, but it’s close enough for outsiders to think so.
As we’re about to round the corner into 2008, I think it’s important to let the people know what’s going on with The Dock of the Bay series…
1. I’m not going to do an epic shot-by-shot analysis of the [...]

Gorillaz D-Sides Announced

Just in time for Thanksgiving, The Gorillaz have confirmed that they will be releasing D-Sides -a collection of B-Sides, alternate takes and previously unreleased material on Virgin Records; release date November 20th. This is in the spirit of their previously released, G-Sides disc that featured rarites and b-sides from their self-titled debut.
In related Gorillaz news, [...]

Store 13 One Year Anniversary Party!

Has it been a year already? Well then, it’s time to get to celebrating!
Featuring handpicked selections from: Heartfood Presents, Mike-ill, DJ Splice & Jayski -it’s definitely goin’ bananerz in the WC.
2646 E. Garvey Ave 91790

Mixin’ It Up With Mike-ill On Discobelle.Net

420/07 at Store 13
My homies that went to UC Irvine back in the day would tell me about this dude Mike that had a radio show called Keepin’ It Right. The show is something of a lifeline for heads stuck behind the Orange Curtain (that’s an old one) to get a feel of what’s going [...]