November 2007

Math Rules Everything Around Me

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Satchel of Gravel is the re-incarnated Don’t Believe the Hypebeast. Think of them like an older brother that says, “What the fu-k are you wearing, a pink bandana and neon green Dunks? WTF?”. The one that’ll kick your ass every now and again. The one that bones […]

Extra Large Presents: Boys & Girls feat. Mike-ill

E.X.T.R.A L.A.R.G.E Saturdays is the super fresh electro-oriented show that comes on before Mike-ill’s Keepin’ it Right programme on 88.9 KUCI.  If you’re out of the signals reach, I definitely encourage you to stream them while you clean up your flat -household names such as No Doubt and Sublime got their first spins on this […]

Pittsburgh Slim: Girls Kiss Girls Contest

[youtube=””] I heard this on a mixshow the other day and didn’t pay much attention to it. It has that simple club/radio friendly feel, and after a couple spins of Bangers&Cash girls kissing girls is pretty tame material. Anyway, the video isn’t exactly Oscar worthy but it does capture the young male fascination with girls […]

Tribe of Issachar -Junglist

There’s a lot of weak Facebook apps cluttering profiles like Myspace surveys. Yeah, I really do have better things to do than vampire you or teenwolf your ass. Of the select few apps that I have chosen (including Sneakers & Flixster), it’s the Track of The Day application from that gives me the most […]

R-e-a-d A B-O OhKaay!

The 2007 Criminal Slang Award for Best Animated Short To Play For Your G-dDamn Kids & Piss Off Reverend Jackson is [youtube=””] Read A Book! [mp3link] How are people against reading books, buying land instead of spinnin’ rims and deodorant (it’s not expensive!) anyway? Yeah, let’s stop kids from reciting, “read a muthaf-ckin book” & […]

Cam’ron Public Enemy #1

I’m waaaay late on this one, but at least you won’t have to get Killa Spam in your inbox to get it. Disc 1 | Disc 2 Visit anyway (it’s actually pretty fresh for a myspace page) or Killa might roll up on your boy in his Lambo talking ’bout me f-ck’n up his […]

The Morning After: Store 13 Party Pics

Oh man…. This is what heaven looks like… Mike-ill has been germ free since 89′ Look in the mirror…notice the trainspotter looking over his shoulder, trying to get a sneak peek at what Heartfood Presents Vince don’t give a what that his Tiffs fetch more than $600.00 -he’ll grind them shits on the stucco fucko […]

Murs 3:16 Presents – Murs & The Misadventures Of The Nova Express

**(Update 11/27) Untitled Tracks #14 & 15 alone make this a worthwhile purchase…I’m not giving you any clues about who zee secret collaborator is -buy it if you haven’t already!** Only 5 stores in California have this latest release from Murs 3:16 Presents. Turntable Lab isn’t one of them. Best Buy doesn’t have it, Virgin […]

Music Inspired By The Moment: DJ Splice

DJ Splice‘s hand-picked labour of love -featuring cuts from Pace One, O.C., Crooklyn Dodgers, Jeru the Damaja- is perfect for that reminiscing head-snap in the whip session. The kind that get peppered with the Ohhhh Sh-T! and the, “I used have that on tape back in the day!!!” Pics from the party last friday night […]

My Niece Designed* SIA’s Official Website SIA (See-uhh) is back with her new studio album Some People Have Real Problems in stores January 2008, and digitally December 2007. A placement of her song, Breathe Me on the HBO series Six Feet Under and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show helped her Colour The Small One (UK 2004, US 2006) record get […]