October 2007

The Hundreds Go To College

Apparently the discussion will be on sleight of hand tricks. But seriously, this is a great opportunity for those of you in the LA area who constantly badger people for advice on building a grass-roots brand, who lurk around 9th & Los Angeles, Rosewood & Fairfax to come out and realize you have a lot […]

M.I.A. & Paul Wall with Low B in Houston

Oh get on with it Houston…that’s gonna make for an interesting evening. A lil’ bit slowed & throwed, a couple cuts of club crack and some Paper Planes on the ringtone [right click “save as” thanks FPG!] should get it poppin’ enough.

Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen -Oh My God (video)

“Oh My God”, I think I’ve made my affection for Lily Allen quite clear this year; now she comes off like a street-savvy version of Jessica Rabbit in this -the latest video from Mark Ronson’s Version project, “Oh My God feat. Lily Allen”. Version is a Criminal Slang Award Nominee for Best Revisiting of Previously […]

OBEY x FUJI -Available at Store 13 in December

If you ride fixed, stack chips and rock OBEY, you might just want to get with this exclusive (300 only) OBEY x FUJI track bike. Store 13 will have two (of 300) available for sale in November December -call 626.430.6650 for details or click here for ordering information. SPECS Color: matte black with graphics by […]

The Man Who Souled the World

Spotted on The Hundreds porch… Steve Rocco molded an army of young miscreants into freewheeling giants and had them turn on him. Like a graff writer, his mark is everywhere, but he’s nowhere to be found. Any kid that picked up a skateboard after the Bones Brigade era should know where their swagger comes from. […]

Dunk Xchange -Ladies Edition October 20th

It’s a no-brainer fellas…make a day of it and take the lucky winner to LaLa’s afterward.

Souljah Boy -Crank Dat (Official Gutter Remix)

Packin’ dancefloors from Bodymore to Sur Central, Aaron LaCrate gives Crank Dat the Murdalander treatment and rinses it through the gutter nice and dirty. Souljah Boy never sounded so good. Download – Souljah Boy Crank Dat (Gutter Remix)

Heartfood Presents: Doo Doo Brown

Oh, it does it’s namesake proud… Tracklisting: Black Mags – Cool Kids I’m Mikey – Cool Kids Crank Dat Juke Jams Remix – Soulja Boy/Benzi Gettin Some – Dj Nehpets Juke remix Nann Ghost on tape Juke Remix Ass & Titties Diggin Me – Crime Mob Shake That – Bangers & Cash B.O.O.T.A.Y. – Bangers […]

Street Noise: Danny Estrada for Store 13

It’s crazy delicious and moving pretty fuckin’ quick, the Street Noise collaboration between artist Danny Estrada and Store 13 is restricted to 130 pieces. I got one ziplocked and iced for this reason alone. The artwork is derived from a painting by Sr. Estrada -which is currently hanging in-store and available for sale at the […]

Rewind, Fast Forward Oct 13-Nov 30

Peep the flyer, that’s a grip of artists for one show. Robert Nichols would definitely be worth checking out -as I’m sure you’ve missed his recent exhibition in China. Yes China -the one that’s stacking American debt like playing cards. His artist statement reads like this… “I am interested in playing with the interaction between […]