August 2007

Midlake -Roscoe (Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve Remix)

A quiet word-of-mouth success, Midlake’s 70’s influenced rock, born in Denton TX out of a quintet of jazz students from the University of N. Texas; intially gained popularity in Europe on the Bella Union imprint. Much like the band itself, their debut record, “Bamnan & Silvercork” was recorded at their home in Denton and mastered […]

Morning Becomes Eclectic 30th Anniversary

The highly influential Morning Becomes Eclectic radio programme celebrates 30 years on the year with a 9am-6pm show September (Labour Day) produced by the shows three hosts: Tom Schnabel, Chris Douridas and Nic Harcourt. KCRW is also in the process of digitizing more than 60,000 priceless recordings in an effort to perserve these treasures. More […]

Dirtyface X You

The ever elusive DJ/Designer Dirtyface took a break from hooking up celebrity driven accessories and released his first official toy in collaboration with, well yourself. get your scissor game up and download the file here If you’re in the LA area, you can check him out this week at the second installment of White Trash […]

5 For Fighting? or Dick-Riding The Bench?

Apparently the hottest party in New York City is on a fucking bench. Exhibit A: The Most Official Bench  Yup, everyone’s (BB$ excluded) favorite bitches and friends recently threw a soiree for DJ Ayres on and adjacent to a fomerly non-descript wooden bench. The HBIC (Leah) of MTTM also found this, “happening”, to be a little ridiculous saying, ” […]

Game Recognize Game

This dude Flashpoint Grafix puts most of the self-published community to shame. FPG and the half-page delight once known as One Two Magazine in it’s printed incarnation –now revived in blog format– interviewed Adult Film Actresses, got critical thinking points for reviews of (now classic) hip-hop albums, broke down the denim game -long before slubs and enzyme wash […]

Sister Nancy @ The EchoPlex

A me seh one thing Nancy cyaan understan one thing Nancy cyaan understan wha’ mek dem a talk ’bout me ambishan seh, wha’ mek dem a talk ’bout me ambishan ‘ca me seh some a dem a ax me whey me get it fram ‘ca some a dem a ax me whey me get it […]

Margaritas & Hump (Day) Action!!!

*This was mad nice, walking into a family-style mexican joint and getting bombarded by fresh tunes from the hostess podium, through the dining area, past the bar, up the stairs and out to the patio… BTW get your grubby mitts on a copy of HeartFood -Dinner with the Bride, a special 1:00:02 length R&B mix […]