June 2007

The Dock Of The Bay CONTEST!

The formating of this post got all buggered up when I attempted to edit it and announce that Michael Bateman of New Orleans, Louisiana won the prize package of goods that came courtesy of The Fader magazine. It’s a shame because it also included info on two awesome bands, The Black Lips and Yacht -who […]

The Fader 46

My first college roommate repped the D in a major way. He also put me up on ZagNut Candy and The Fader Magazine back in a pre-911 world. The Fader acted like a passport during late-night cram sessions -it took me through a survey course of the East London Bhangra scene, brought me beautiful B&W’s […]

The Pictorial Issue: Feat. Mr. T, UNKLE, Tens, Tom Ford & Daddy Warbucks

I’m not anywhere close to being a Dad this Father’s Day, but as an UNKLE I’ve learned a few things over the years. Firstly, that the N. America release date for UNKLE’s third studio album, “War Stories” is July 24th 2007. Second, that said album was recorded (mostly) live (in the desert) from somewhere (Joshua […]

Jenaveve Jolie y Store13

Jenaveve Jolie is featured on the Hardcore Pack of XIII T-Shirts. This collaboration of boobs and ass has been limited to a quantity of 25.   Store13 142 3/4 S Glendora Avenue West Covina, CA 91790 626.430.6650

The Criminal Collection: Free Paris

“Paris Hilton” After serving less than 1/9th of her jail sentence, the new la bella mafia, Paris Hilton was reassigned to home probation due to, “medical reasons” (apparently it’s really that difficult to administer a Valtrex prescription in lockup). Paris will be outfitted with a stylish ankle bracelet -instantly making monitoring devices the hottest accessory […]

Pro Nails y Alfie con Los Muchachos Junior

I can’t get enough of these broads… two. They remind me of the young ladies that I plan to chase girls I used to fantasize about when I wake up in the morning was young -the creative types with similar interests, excellent taste and a shot of street smarts. Did I forget to mention sexy? I must be trippin’! First […]

The Criminal Collection: Slim Sellout

This kid used to work at a Bingo hall in Windsor (Ontario, Canada) before he got his walking papers from a clean gank move on Kim Mathers cellphone. It seems this young aspiring rapper (who ironically opened up for Obie Trice in 2006) was trying to get at Eminem and play some tracks for him, […]