March 2007

The Dock of the Bay: INFAMY in SF

*A series of Bay Area posts should be sprinkled with cool events to check out if/when you’re there. Get up on this one…while I Keep Making Everyone Look for clues about the next post! “SF360 Film+Club returns to Mezzanine on Wednesday, April 4, to celebrate the URB Next 100 Issue with a screening of Doug […]

Saturday Sessions

Mike-ill has a radio show on KUCI called, Keepin’ it Right. On his way to the station, he plugged in his Serrato for about an hour+ and took some time out to try on this Brixton hat. Then he had to jet. It turns out that Saturday Sessions (11-8pm) at Store13 are a good way […]

The Dock Of The Bay -Before They Were Heroes…

To kick off a series of posts surrounding the Bay Area & Hip-Hop, the topic can be approached in a number of ways. You could talk about the amazing talent and diversity of sounds that are found within los neighbors to the north, the hustle and the grind of it’s residents, or you just start […]

Zane ONE/LA Woman!

I was first introduced to the sound of Zane One back in the simpler times of 2006. At the time I was booking artists for a charity showcase (The Platform) and was looking to fill some slots towards the end of the run. After sifting through a mountain of sub-par artists, I found this lil’ gem of […]

Record Industry Rule #4080

learn more at  To Larry Robinson, Owner of Avatar Records,The only expectations one can have in the music business is to expect the unexpected. To what level and degree this statement becomes valid is assuredly dictated by the specific circumstances surrounding those expectations, as well as the situations and individuals involved in them. For […]

America Dealt A Major Blow In War On Comics

The iconic Captain America was laid to rest this Wednesday after years of faithful service to this great nation. Lost to a snipers bullet, rumors have surfaced that his assassination is part of a grand scheme by the Power Elite to debase our nation of it’s most important heroes -spreading hopelessness and fear throughout the […]

Kenneth Eng Doesn’t Like Black People.

*I decided to ice the Vocal Sample Studies post for a second and dive into some other topics. It’s been a big week for race relations! New York bans the, “N” word, the Rev. Al Sharpton discovers a disturbing link to Sen. Strom Thurmond -and if that wasn’t enough, a young Asian-American slips his two-cents […]

Sunday Comic Preview

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