Criminal Slang

What was once a demo tape cut called, ‘Nas Will Prevail’, It Ain’t Hard to Tell was forever engrained into the collective memory of Hip-hop when it was featured on Nas’ debut album Illmatic. Years later (’98) the vox sample, “Criminal Slang”, was featured as the subtitle & the hook of Big L’s Ebonics. which gained heavy rotation and posthumous recognition for the late Harlem rapper.

Some time later, the name was adopted by @dataone as the label for this creative endeavor [more]. It has seen good bad & better days as the posting frequency fluctuates with the economy, contributors come, go & return and the central idea behind the site evolves.

Targetmaster Scourge gives this seminal track a mature feel by flipping the timeless Janet Jackson number, Let’s Wait Awhile.

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It Ain’t Hard to Tell (Targetmaster Scourge Remix) - Download the MP3

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