February 2007

Jazzy Jeff Scratched My Cazals!

A little monitor shopping, led from scoping out deadstock Cazal’s (latin: stunna shadeus maximus) from the 70’s/80’s to discovering this gem, “Snatchin’ Cazals” by the Cazal Boys. Released on Philadelphia’s Tempre Records (Catalog# T1837) in 1985 w/production from Hi-Wen Productions and scratches by a barely pre-Fresh Prince era (they joined forces that year and released […]

MTV’s Quarter-Life Crisis

Hashim at Hip-Hop Blogs had an interesting no-brainer take on MTV’s new zeal in approaching the digital domain. “Hiring Lonelygirl15 can’t fix all those problems. Y’see, the net is neither a boogie monster or genie. Getting web video or social networking right won’t sink or save MTV until they fix the core of what they […]

Undercover All-Star Weekend Anthems II

A lot of flavors reside on the West Coast, making the task of picking a suitable anthem a challenging one. Not to snub the Yae -I’m going to save that post for later and instead get into some LA biz for now. That said, a good anthem gets the whole clic’ wild and motivated, and […]

Undercover All-Star Weekend Anthems I

Once again, the media is pitting the East and West Coast against each other –and it’s about to come to a head (9EST,6PST). Luckily it’s basketball, not blastin’ all comers… Blahzay, Blahzay (DJ/Producer PF Cuttin’ & Emcee Outloud) laid down a slow and calculated rise in the music scene, intially clicking up in 1985, and […]


I don’t know if it’s the horns or the subtle tambourine (likely those plus solid kicks and the digital X-R-2 refrain anong other elements), but the Tigerstyle (get your BBC game up!) remix of MIA’s XR2 got my headphones working overtime lately. Not exactly a step in the commercial radio direction -this one is for […]

Black Bush and Sneaks

A little get-together at Store13, followed by further antics next store at the Cove brought a super collabo between Black Bush Bushmills whiskey, new product (Diamond, Mighty Healthy, Harajuku Lovers, Nike, Creative Rec) y general crew shit together. We’ll be doing the same at Juice next week, so get your calendar straight and roll out! […]


W. Covina got turned out last month, and we’re back to do it again! Juice returns on February 22nd w/Mike-ill & DJ Splice holding down the decks. This party is crazy official -so email your credentials (full-name/email) to and get in before 10:30. Shouts to the folks at Store13 for hosting and Harajuku Lovers, […]

Criminal Slang

What was once a demo tape cut called, ‘Nas Will Prevail’, It Ain’t Hard to Tell was forever engrained into the collective memory of Hip-hop when it was featured on Nas’ debut album Illmatic. Years later (’98) the vox sample, “Criminal Slang”, was featured as the subtitle & the hook of Big L’s Ebonics. which gained heavy rotation and posthumous recognition for the late Harlem rapper.